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  Traffic Driving Lessons
  Our lessons are one or two hours long (door to door)
Pickup from home, college or university provided they
are in the local area.
  Our Instructors, we have male and female instructors and both manual and automatic cars. All of our instructors are fully qualified, experienced Advanced Driving Instructors with dual- controlled cars. They are relaxed and friendly
and used to teaching nervous pupils!
  Motorway Lessons, motorway driving is very different
to normal driving - a good idea for inexperienced new drivers or for drivers needing confidence to drive on motorways. We charge our normal lesson rates but a two
or three hour lesson is necessary.
  Refresher Lessons, haven't driven for a while or passed your test and never driven? We offer refresher lessons at our normal lesson rates and will get you driving again in no time!
  Enjoying Your Lessons
  We want your driving lesson to be an enjoyable experience. So if you are not happy with the car, or just don't "gel" with your instructor, please call us and we will put you with one of our other instructors.
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